Court sets worrying precedent by forcing iPhone owner to reveal his passcode

When the United States Constitution was written, things like smartphones didn’t exist. and adapting the aging document to modern technology is an inexact science to say the least. A new ruling by the Florida Court of Appeals that declares a suspect must reveal his iPhone passcode to police is yet another example of this, and it’s a potentially troubling precedent that could have far-reaching implications. The case centers around a man, Aaron Stahl, who is accused of taking creepy “upskirt” photos of a woman at a Florida shopping center. She says she saw the man extending an illuminated iPhone 5 under her skirt. When she confronted him, he dropped his phone and ran out of the store, but was easily tracked down after revealing his license plate number. Police subsequently took possession of the device and obtained a warrant, but were unable to access the device to search for evidence due to the passcode lock. Stahl refused to hand over the code, and a judge at his initial trial sided with the defendant, suggesting that forcing him to reveal the code to his phone would violate the Fifth Amendment. That point of view wasn’t shared by the Court of Appeals,

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