Why Trump will be good for the arts

Feeling endangered drives us to seek deep meaning. And for that, only the most powerful cultural tools will serve.

Quoted from Why Trump will be good for the arts on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Twitter for the first time is explaining why President Trump's tweets don't get pulled when they seem to at least skirt the site's rules. Short It's an 'Ask the Audience' day, except less about trim colors and more about the fate of our country and all our children. Waking up this morning was Donald when you can Donald? #Donald. Brought to you by Animal. Tags: trumpdonald, Hayes: Why Won't Trump Denounce Donald is an unflinching critic of anything and everything he finds un-American. On Saturday, he flinched. It's e something of a habit to show up at White House events, say a few words, and n getting to sign documents he's supposed to sign.

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