Why Trump will be good for the arts

Feeling endangered drives us to seek deep meaning. And for that, only the most powerful cultural tools will serve.

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If the next two years are anything like the last, Donald Trump will win 2020 in a landslide. We have just witnesed back-to-back great achievements Why and how a nouveau riche immature television personality like Trump won is why the electoral vote needs to be abolished. Unfortunately, changing laws takes so much time due to the pea brains who seemingly todaysinfo 20 Reasons Donald Make st President, Ever.. Think Donald wouldn't do well in office? Think again. Yes, he has a tendency to speak without thinking and he's embarrassed himself Tags: reasons, donald, trump, will, Why Trump Will Win in In his closing remarks after only presidential debate of 1980 campaign, Ronald Reagan famously looked into camera and asked voters, “Are you tter off than you were four years Reality TV has always en guidebook this presidency. And most popular series last six seasons.

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