You’ll cry when you see this stranger tracking down an autistic girl to return her iPad

Look, 2016 has been pretty rough, whichever way you cut it. Sometimes it’s nice to read a story that has no sadness and one particularly happy ending. That’s exactly what happened when Terri Colachis’s daughter Shea, who is on the autistic spectrum, lost her iPad on the way back from school. Normally, that’s exactly the sort of thing you don’t want to happen right before Christmas, but thanks to one persistent stranger, it has an uplifting ending . Long story short , Shea’s iPad had gone out of the window of the car on the way back from school. Normally, after losing an iPad on the side of a road, you’d write it off and go buy a new one — which is exactly what the Colachises were planning on doing. However, just a few days after the accident, they received an email. It came from the editor of  The Mighty , a site about disability and mental illness. Terri had contributed to the site in the past, and using the name written on the iPad and some Googlefu, the stranger who picked up Shea’s iPad had tracked down the site and contacted the editor, who contacted her: “He said

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