You’ll actually want to buy the best laptops from CES this year

The Consumer Electronics Show, tech’s annual orgy of shiny new gadgets, is still underway in Vegas. But all the big players have announced their flagship products already, and one thing is clear: this is the year that laptops became cool again. PCs have been on the down for nearly a decade now. Don’t just take my word for it: go look at the plummeting sales figures , which have the total number of laptops sold down 10% last year. The decline is due to the rise in mobile computing, with tablets and smartphones providing a compelling alternative to Windows XP for so many people. But as much as Microsoft blames the decline on the mobile industry, the simple truth is that the laptop market has stagnated over the past few years. Sure, machines have gotten a little thinner and lighter, but battery life has plateaued, performance still isn’t close to on par with desktop computers, and somehow I still need to buy a new charger for every new laptop I buy. CES 2017 looks like it could be the turning point for the laptop industry. USB-C, the one port to rule them all, is finally rolling out everywhere, and for

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