Experts on anti-nepotism law, Kushner hire

Donald Trump wants son-in-law Jared Kushner to serve in the White House, raising questions about a 50-year-old law.

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Experts Agree It Would Be Illegal For Jared Kushner to Get White House Job by Rachel Stockman | 5:25 pm, November 18th, 2016 According to several reports , Donald Trump is seriously considering appointing his Developing an anti-nepotism business plan This a good stance to maintain, otherwise there can be serious consequences. Not only is an unsuitable or less experienced individual taking a key job or vacancy, it can have In California is Nepotism illegal? I work for a county agency here in CA. Our administrator d an individual as the supervisor for the team I work for. This individual the administrator d is related Tags: california, nepotism, illegal, work, Ivanka Trump shoots down rampant Ivanka Trump shoots down rampant speculati that she'll replace Nikki Haley as UN ambassador — an appointment that legal say could violate laws definiti, patrage bestowed or favoritism shown the basis of family relatiship, as in business and politics: She was accused of nepotism when she made her nephew an officer of the firm. See more.

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