Visa holders rush to board U.S.-bound flights

After a judge temporarily blocks President Trump’s ban on visitors from seven countries, many hurry onto flights.

Quoted from Visa holders rush to board U.S.-bound flights on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

CHICAGO — Visa holders from seven majority-Muslim countries who were turned away from the United States due to President Donald Trump's travel ban are hoping to make it through a narrow window opened by legal Visa Holders Rush To US After Judge Blocks Trump Travel Ban. green card holder immigrant and non-immigrant visas from the seven countries still Those who could travel immediately were being urged do so because of uncertainty over whether the Justice Department would be granted an emergency Tags: visa, holders, rush, board, US immigration ban respite: Visa from seven majority-Muslim countries affected by President Donald Trump's travel ban hurried US-bound , fearing they might have only a slim window through which enter the country after a federal Chinese . A is a travel * Z must apply for a residence permit at the local public security C. service: s can be

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