Tim Cook: Augmented Reality is as big of a technology as the smartphone

While Apple is typically very cautious when discussing upcoming products and technologies, the company’s interest in augmented reality is hardly a well-kept secret. In addition to some notable hires in the AR space, Tim Cook seems to wax poetic about the potential of AR every single time the topic comes up. While it remains to be seen if Apple’s interest in AR will ultimately manifest in a pair of AR-powered glasses or perhaps an iPhone with some intriguing built-in AR capabilities, it’s probably only a matter of time before we see what Apple’s engineers and researchers have been cooking up over at 1 Inifinte Loop. Underscoring the degree to which Apple views AR as an incredibly important and powerful technology, Tim Cook, during a recent interview with The Independent , boldly claimed that AR is as big of an idea as the smartphone was way back when. “I’m excited about Augmented Reality because unlike Virtual Reality which closes the world out,” Cook explained, “AR allows individuals to be present in the world but hopefully allows an improvement on what’s happening presently. Most people don’t want to lock themselves out from the world for a long period of time and today you

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