RIP: BlackBerry’s worldwide smartphone market share hits 0%

The entire world knows that the once-king of the smartphone world, BlackBerry, is in bad shape these days, but if you were looking for some actual data to put the company’s dire situation into perspective, a new report from Gartner does the job. The firm’s 2016 retrospective and fourth quarter data dump reveals that, for the first time, BlackBerry holds a 0.0% share of the smartphone market. In worldwide market share based on operating system, Android is still leading the rest of the pack by a mile at 81.7% (80.7% in 2015), thanks largely to the huge number of extremely affordable devices available. iOS is holding steady at 17.9% (17.7% in 2015), while Windows Phone has taken a huge hit with just 0.3% (1.1% in 2015). BlackBerry’s new estimate market share of 0.0% is a drop, obviously, from its 0.2% placement at the end of 2015. For the sake of comparison, BlackBerry held roughly 10% of the smartphone market at the end of 2007, the year the iPhone debuted. By the first quarter of 2009, BlackBerry had wrangled a whopping 20% share of the market, which it held for about a year before beginning a steady decline in 2010 which it never

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