Trump bashes FBI for being ‘totally unable’ to stop leaks

President Trump is interviewed by Reuters in the Oval Office Feb. 23. President Trump said the FBI is “totally unable” to crack down on U.S. government employees who plan to leak sensitive information to the media. The FBI is totally unable to stop the national security “leakers” that have permeated our government for a long time.

Quoted from Trump bashes FBI for being ‘totally unable’ to stop leaks on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren slammed President Trump as “a bully” yesterday and railed against Republican tax cuts in a town-hall event in Natick This is the FBI agent whose anti-Trump texts to his lover have plunged the Robert Mueller investigation into crisis - leaving home with the wife he cheated on. As of Memorial Day, roughly halfway through his second year in office, President Donald has not visited U.S. soldiers on the ground in the Middle Tags: trump, visited, middle, east, FBI officials texted about secret Mueller probe's p agent Peter Strzok and his bureau lover Lisa Page texted each other about 'first meeting of the secret society' the day after p Republicans are turning their focus Deputy Direcr Andrew McCabe as they scrutinize a host of anti- texts exchanged between two

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