Bomb threats are scary and costly to Jewish centers

President Trump delivers his first address to a joint session of Congress from the floor of the House of Representatives on Feb. 28. The wave of bomb threats against Jewish community centers that President Trump denounced in his joint address to Congress — 100 so far this year, including 31 on Monday — have all been hoaxes. “That is their intended goal, to make it difficult for us to do business as usual,” says Betzy Lynch, executive director of the Levite JCC of Birmingham, Ala. Hers is one of several organizations where parents have withdrawn youngsters from preschools after threats — either out of fear that there will eventually be violence or because of the toll taken by repeated evacuations.

Quoted from Bomb threats are scary and costly to Jewish centers on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Another wave of bomb threats swept through Jewish munity centers across the nation Tuesday. Centers from Albany, N.Y., to Boulder, Colo., to mand Center In order to effectively direct all phases of action relating to the bomb For days, a wave of anonymous hoax has been sweeping through cities across Russia. The telephone calls have led the evacuation of tens of Tags: russia, gripped, hoax, bomb, Canadian Man Gets 9 Months A 19-year-old Canadian man was found guilty of making almost three dozen fraudulent calls emergency services across North America in 2013 2014. The A Brooklyn high school has been rattled by two anti-Semitic in one week.

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