Forget Trump’s speech. Look at his budget.

It was a kinder, gentler, somewhat maudlin version of his campaign speech that President Trump delivered to Congress Tuesday. Speechifying aside, though, we did learn something significant this week about the president’s governing vision, because he also previewed the budget he will send to Congress. A president’s budget, as you may know, is really more like a statement of priorities and general direction, which Congress rarely enacts these days in any event.

Quoted from Forget Trump’s speech. Look at his budget. on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Many people across the country were appalled by Donald Trump’s rambling and boorish political speech to the Boy Scouts of America National Scout Jamboree in West Virginia. President Trump’s threat is justified, but it’s Secretary Pompeo’s speech that really gives you an understanding of why. Trump’s ALL CAPS tweet: T speech by Mike Pompeo lays out the real truth about Iran Tags: forget, trumps, caps, tweet, Read: Trump's full speech to In speech, Trump focused on the In remembering the gre victory th led to t body's founding, we must never th those heroes who

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