Kremlin: Trump's wiretap claim purely a "domestic issue"

MOSCOW (AP) — Claims by President Donald Trump that his phones were wiretapped by his predecessor, Barack Obama, during the 2016 election campaign are a purely domestic matter for the United States, the spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday.

Quoted from Kremlin: Trump's wiretap claim purely a "domestic issue" on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

National Security Adviser John Bolton is in Moscow working on details of a likely summit next month between President Donald Trump and Russian President Trump has reportedly invited Vladimir Putin to the White House for a visit, according to a statement from the Kremlin. Putin aide Yury Ushakov Here's the memo the Kremlin-linked lwyer took to the meeting with Donld Trump, Jr. Tags: heres, memo, kremlin, linked, Russian lawyer at Trump Tower Newly surfced emils indicte tht Ntli Veselnitsky, the Russin lwyer who met with Trump cmpign ssocites worked with Russi's chief legl office. Crter Pge dmits to dvising the Kremlin nd Trump, but doesn’t understnd the FBI’s suspicion The ide tht Pge ws victim of prtisn

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