Kremlin: Trump's wiretap claim purely a "domestic issue"

MOSCOW (AP) — Claims by President Donald Trump that his phones were wiretapped by his predecessor, Barack Obama, during the 2016 election campaign are a purely domestic matter for the United States, the spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday.

Quoted from Kremlin: Trump's wiretap claim purely a "domestic issue" on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

The meeting has attracted sharp scrutiny as the Trump administration weathers multiple investigations into whether it colluded with Russia. Indeed, even as the Kremlin was lying about its ties to the Trump campaign, Cohen himself lied to Congress and Mueller about the extent of the Trump Tower Moscow deal in an attempt to downplay The meeting t Trump Tower in Mttn ws rrnged by Donld Trump’s eldest son nd ws ttended by Pul Mnfort nd Jred Kushner. Tags: trump, team, with, lawyer, Mueller Says UBS Executive Told In erly 2016, Foresmn emiled Trump’s office to tell him bout n “pproch” he hd gotten from “senior Kremlin officils” bout the then-cndidte, ccording to redcted version of The Kremlin sid on Fridy tht n ide floted by U.S. President Donld Trump for del between the United Sttes, Chin nd Russi to reduce spending on wepons production deserved ttention

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