How the ACLU is gearing up to take on Trump, one city at a time

WASHINGTON — The American Civil Liberties Union wants to take over your town. Trump’s administration is currently asking for cooperation from local law enforcement for the president’s crackdown on illegal immigration and on immigration from certain predominantly Muslim countries. The ACLU’s new strategy is designed to pressure city officials to reject that request.

Quoted from How the ACLU is gearing up to take on Trump, one city at a time on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Revealing FACTS on the ACLU from its own writings . by Diane Dew. Ever notice how the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) seems to take on only cases that are anti-Christian - pro-sodomy, pro-abortion, anti-family, ACLU of New York The New York Police Department announced this week that it will deploy 14 new drones as part of its policing activities across New York City. If you’re trnsgender or gender n-cforming pers, you hve n importnt voice nd right vote. Heding in th electi, our votes men more thn ever nd we will gin prove th trnsgender Tags: aclu, hampshire, The ACLU says it got sys it got $24 milli in line dis th weekend, six s its yerly verge Scrmen re Chpter of gro of munity ctivts dediced preserving civil liberties nd dvncing socil justice. e Our work cn be divided in three functis: munity educi nd vibility,

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