How the ACLU is gearing up to take on Trump, one city at a time

WASHINGTON — The American Civil Liberties Union wants to take over your town. Trump’s administration is currently asking for cooperation from local law enforcement for the president’s crackdown on illegal immigration and on immigration from certain predominantly Muslim countries. The ACLU’s new strategy is designed to pressure city officials to reject that request.

Quoted from How the ACLU is gearing up to take on Trump, one city at a time on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

The ACLU has grown to include more than 400,000 members and handles around 6,000 court cases each year . However, the ACLU and controversy are never far apart. It has most often e under attack The ACLU has defended all manner of groups, from the loved to the loathed, in their pursuit of this mission to enforce the Bill of Rights. The group fights especially for the freedoms of speech brings you sries of people forefrt of civil liberties nd civil rights btles of our . se re ir sries in ir own words. Tags: aclu, youtube, 4 Ways to Support the mericn Civil Liberties Uni () nil nprofit orgnizi dediced fighting for civil rights nd liberties of mericns, s defined by Bill of Rights Cstituti. believes th protecting Cstitutil rights very importnt, nd it hires 300 permnent stff in ll 50 stes. In dditi, work of splemented by lrge numbers of interns nd

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