Democrats blast ‘Trumpcare’ after CBO finds GOP plan would leave millions without coverage

Top congressional Democrats fiercely denounced the Republican-backed American Health Care Act (AHCA) on Tuesday, a day after the Congressional Budget Office predicted that the GOP plan would leave 14 million more Americans without health insurance by 2018 than under Obamacare, and by 2026, 24 million would be uninsured. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi of California, and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer of New York speak to reporters about the Congressional Budget Office projection that 14 million people would lose health coverage under the House Republican bill dismantling former President Barack Obama’s health care law, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Monday, March, 13, 2017.

Quoted from Democrats blast ‘Trumpcare’ after CBO finds GOP plan would leave millions without coverage on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

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