Jeb Bush: Trump is ‘a distraction in and of himself’

Jeb Bush says President Trump’s evidence-free claims are kneecapping his first 100 days in the White House. “He should stop saying things that aren’t true, that are distractions from the task at hand,” Bush said in an interview that aired Sunday on Miami’s WFOR-TV. During the bruising campaign, Bush was a prominent critic of Trump — who in turn relentlessly mocked the former Florida governor.

Quoted from Jeb Bush: Trump is ‘a distraction in and of himself’ on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Die US-Republikaner spalten sich in Pro- und Anti-Trump-Lager. Ex-Präsidentschaftskandidat Jeb Bush verkündet nun auf Facebook, dass er weder Trump noch Hillary Clinton seine Stimme geben wird. Jeb Bush Tweets Out Weird Veiled Threat To President Trump On Fourth Of July (Tea Party 247) – This week was the 243rd anniversary of the very first Fourth of July when, in 1776, 56 (SUMMIT NEWS) – Governor Bush provoked a backlash after he sent a strange tweet about presidents who died on July 4, with many takg it as a veiled dig at President . Tags: bush, sends, bizarre, tweet, Jeb Bush on Trump: I Bush just did the political equivalent an "I told you so" on President . The 2016 presidential campaign Bush, the 43rd Governor Florida, was formally launched on June 15, 2015, g six months after announcg the formal exploration a cidacy for the 2016 Republican nomation

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