Trump declares that North Korea is ‘looking for trouble’ as tensions rise

Trump said he would sweeten a trade deal with China if it assists with the North Korea “problem” — but that the U.S. will move forward with or without Beijing.

Quoted from Trump declares that North Korea is ‘looking for trouble’ as tensions rise on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Trump's emergency order threatens to create an all powerful presidency and weaken a constitutional order that allows the elites to settle their differences within an electoral process - Paul Jay Donald Trump is declaring his victory following the Mueller report that failed to find any collusion with Russia saying 'the hoax is finally dead' as he spoke to an uproarious crowd in Michigan on Carolina Republican Rep. Mark Meadows weighs in on the decion by president to declare a national emergency. Tags: president, trump, declares, emergency, Donald Trump screws up, falsely If th were any other President tweeting, I might have pondered these dturbing questions longer. But I reminded myself th cually reckless tweet came from the small hands of none other than Donald “I On Thursday, Attorney General William Barr releed the redacted final report by Robert Mueller.

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