Trump on North Korea: ‘We are sending an armada’

The president is doubling down on his tough talk on Pyongyang, telling Fox Business on Tuesday that dictator Kim Jong un is “making a big mistake” with his nuclear provocations.

Quoted from Trump on North Korea: ‘We are sending an armada’ on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

American and North Korean leaders shook hands at the line separating the peninsula for a camera-friendly demonstration of friendship intended to revitalize nuclear negotiations. President Donald Trump sent a series of tweets saying North Korea conducting a series of missile launches is "not a violation of our signed Singapore agreement." US President Dald said that diplomatic efforts with Korea have csistently failed, adding that "ly e thing will work", without elaborating further. Tags: trump, north, korea, only, Trump on North Korea: 'Nobody's President , in interview with Fox News’ Eric Bolling set to air Mday the premiere of “The Fox News Specialists,” said “nobody’s safe” amid mounting tensis with Korea. Korea has made headlines of late for launching new missiles, showing off its latest submarines, d publicly executing prisers. Less noticed, it’s also recently released stamps featuring

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