Trump’s chaotic first 100 days — as seen through his tweets

After winning the election, Donald Trump said he wasn’t sure how much he’d use Twitter as president. “I’m going to be very restrained, if I use it at all,” he said on “60 Minutes.” As he approaches his first 100, that vow appears to have fallen short.

Quoted from Trump’s chaotic first 100 days — as seen through his tweets on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Donald Trump is set to mark his 100th day in office on April 29th. It’s been an eventful and sometimes chaotic three months at the White House,… Blight is among several historians and veteran D.C. correspondents who spoke to Media Matters about how Trump’s first month in office pares to those of his predecessors. They painted a picture of Trump’s first weeks On Day 20, Trump weighed in on the decision by Nordstrom to drop daughter Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. My daughter Ivanka h been treated so unfairly by @Nordstrom . Tags: trumps, chaotic, first, days, Donald Trump's chaotic first 100 Donald Trump's in office were marred by a string of scandals, many of which caught the eye of the Independent's cartoonists Cut the noise, and the new administration’s true actions are less overwhelming &ndh; but no less harrowing. Trump h pursued a substantive agenda, with dark consequences for Earth’s

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