Trump should follow the Bill Clinton scandal playbook

Trump has an unlikely model for how to survive an existential threat to his presidency: Bill Clinton.

Quoted from Trump should follow the Bill Clinton scandal playbook on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Whether one believes or pities Cohen is irrelevant. When it es to the dangers of trusting Trump, he has a perspective that should probably be taken seriously President Trump, elected Republicans and Trump supporters are on quite a losing streak. They lost the House majority. They lost the shutdown battle. reportedly doesn't diet and exercise plan 'religiously,' and people aren't shocked Tags: trump, doesnt, follow, exercise, Trump tweets there should be While he has frequently decried Mueller's appointment, tweet marked first time called for his findings to be kept from public. Jared and Ivanka, you may recall, only received top-secret security clearance last summer because overrode concerns of F.B.I., his n-chief of staff, and n-White House counsel.

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