Iran’s Pres. Rouhani Wins Re-Election in a Landslide

With an astounding voter turnout of 74%, moderate Hassan Rouhani beat hard-liner Ibrahim Raisi by nearly 8 million votes. “The Iranian nation has chosen the path of interaction with the world.”

Quoted from Iran’s Pres. Rouhani Wins Re-Election in a Landslide on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Iran’s reductions of mitments under nuclear deal is temporary and can return to previous situation if other parties uphold their mitments under the deal. Reuters reports the key ments by the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on the ongoing Gulf crisis. Key Quotes: Iran is ready to negotiate but not if negotiations mean surrender. Why Trump Will W the US Ch Trde Wr&mdsh;Stephen Moore - Durtion: 27:47. mericn Thought Leders - The Epoch Times 358,700 views Tags: live, irans, president, rouhani, Iran weling China investment, partnership Irn welg Ch vestment, prtnership Irn’s projects: Tehrn, June 17, IRN - President Hssn emphsized on the ccelertion of the implementtion of the greements between Tehrn nd Beijg, syg tht Irn Hssn (born Hssn Fereydoun) ws born on 12 November 1948 Sorkheh, ner Semnn, to religious Persin fmily. His fther, Hj sdollh Fereydoun (died 2011), hd spice shop Sorkheh nd his

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