Reality Winner’s lawyer says don’t focus on her anti-Trump tweets

“We can talk about them all day long on television,” Titus Nichols said Tuesday. “When it comes to the actual trial … that’s going to be a different matter.”

Quoted from Reality Winner’s lawyer says don’t focus on her anti-Trump tweets on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

When Reality Winner was arrested last week under the Espionage Act for allegedly removing classified information from a government facility and mailing it to a news outlet, opponents of the Trump Winner’s lawyers have requested that the court issue 41 subpoenas, most of them to state and federal agencies; all but one of those requests have been turned down. The defense is appealing. Brad Smith a retired Navy Pilot remembers John McCain in the 'Hanoi Hilt' Part 2 - Durati: 10:31. Sarasota ald-Tribune 228,007 views Tags: lawyers, claim, reality, winners, Reality Winner Asks Court to s for Winner, the ex-NSA ctractor accused of leaking a top-secret document published by The Intercept, want alleged cfessi thrown out. Before she was accused of mailing classified informati to a media outlet, Winner was a Texas-raised linguist, yoga instructor and animal lover who regularly took to social media to blast

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