Don Jr. accuses CNN of ‘blackmail’ over Trump wrestling GIF

Donald Trump Jr. has taken on the job of defending his father on Twitter, accusing CNN of “blackmail” in extorting an apology from the creator of a controversial GIF.

Quoted from Don Jr. accuses CNN of ‘blackmail’ over Trump wrestling GIF on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Media accuses Don Jr. of abusing a woman when he was three years old. This is not a joke people. Virginia Heffernan, a contributing editor of Politico released a tweet with the accusation. Democrats on the House Intelligence mittee began leaking information about Donald Trump Jr.'s interview last week while it was still going on, according to his lawyer. More importantly, the members the family — especially Junior — are just too aspirational to not have their hands in the cookie jar. Tags: trump, tied, bank, accused, NPR Falsely Accuses Don Jr. NPR published a report Friday asserting that ald ’s testimony to the Senate about efforts to build a Tower in Moscow were inconsistent with Michael Cohen’s claims about the same project in his Shortly after former Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) said President ald was in danger losing the 2020 election this week, ald hit back at Ryan by calling out his failures as leader

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