Former CIA Dir. Calls Trump's Words 'Dishonorable Thing to Say'

Exclsuively on Meet the Press, Former CIA Director John Brennan tells Chuck Todd that he doesn’t think the president “demonstrates good negotiating skills” when it comes to Russia.

Quoted from Former CIA Dir. Calls Trump's Words 'Dishonorable Thing to Say' on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden called out James Clapper on Sunday for claiming to know that Russians decided the 2016 election. WATCH: Clapper wrote in his new book that he has “no doubt” Russian meddling Former CIA Dir. Hayden Squashes Clapper Lies about Russian Meddling Michael Hayden, the former Director of the CIA called out former Director of National Intelligence and Obama surrogate, James Clapper this past Sunday over his : Trump is afraid of Putin Kompromat By Juan Cole | Nov. 13, 2017 | By Juan Cole | (Informed ment) Two intelligence offils on Sunday more or less said openly that Tags: former, trump, afraid, putin, Former CIA Dir: Trump's rhetoric Direcr Michael Hayden ld Jake Tapper that he doesn't believe Trump's rheric on North Korea is useful. direcr of the John Brennan joins Nicolle Wallace discuss North Korea, Russia, and the nominee for direcr

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