Australian Police Foil Plane Terror Plot

A plot to bring down an international flight with an explosive device was foiled by police in Australia after a counter terrorism investigation.

Quoted from Australian Police Foil Plane Terror Plot on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines


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The Australian federal police missioner, Andrew Colvin, said a tip-off from partner agencies led to the raids on Saturday night. He said the terrorist attack planned to use an “improvised device” to target an Australian Police in Victoria have applied to detain an 18-year-old man for up to 14 days without charge after his arrest in counterterrorism raids in south-east arrested four men with ties to al-Qaeda in Melbourne on Tuesday, accusing them of planning to stage a suicide attack on an army barracks Tags: australian, police, foil, terror, Australian police foil Christmas Day Victoria said the Joint Counter ism Team arrested six men and a woman, all in their early to mid-twenties, in a series of operations in the Melbourne area from Thursday night until Friday morning.

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