Venezuela Votes: Violence, Unrest Mark Day of Controversial Election

Venezuelans voted Sunday on President Nicolás Maduro’s controversial plans for a powerful new Constituent Assembly that critics call a plan to consolidate power.

Quoted from Venezuela Votes: Violence, Unrest Mark Day of Controversial Election on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Venezuela constitutional vote marred by violence, death. At least nine killed as opposition protests against election for new legislative body turn violent. Deadly violence erupted around a controversial vote held in Venezuela on Sunday, with a candidate to the all-powerful assembly being elected shot dead in his home and troops firing weapons to Explosions and violence rock as the nation holds a for a new Constituent Assembly that would have the power to rewrite the country's constitution. CNN's Leyla Tags: venezuela, mired, violence, nation, Venezuelans Vote on Controversial Plan A few weeks ago ns at home and around the world cast thousands "no" votes in a non-binding referendum organized by the opposition, to clearly say no to a constitutional rewrite. Millions people in as well as those living abroad, went to polling booths set up by the opposition to cast their vote. The opposition says more than seven million rejected the

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