Plane passenger spots man texting about sex abuse of kids

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A sharp-eyed airline passenger spotted another passenger texting about sexually assaulting children, leading officers in California and Washington state to arrest two people and find two young victims, authorities said Thursday.

Quoted from Plane passenger spots man texting about sex abuse of kids on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

FLIGHTS can be fairly tedious as plane passengers wait around at the airport and then sit on the plane until they land at their destination. One couple has shocked with how they passed the time Pilots were left stunned when they saw a "flying man" zoom past the side of a plane at 3,500ft above the Cheshire countryside Pilots on a passenger plane wer A wo has bee a social media sensation after sharing a fellow ’s unwele gesture during a journey. Reddit user WoodySoprano posted a selfie sitting in her seat on the aircraft while a Tags: plane, passenger, puts, bare, Pilot spots drone feet from A on approach to JFK International Airport had a close encounter with a drone which ficials claim was flying well above FAA guidelines. CNN's Nick Valencia reports. A crash in Lafayette, Louisiana, on Saturday, killed five people. Authorities identified the victims, which includes a New Orleans sports reporter. The injured was identified as

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