Republicans Aren't Moderates Just Because They Don't Like Donald Trump

Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) seems to be plotting a potential 2020 challenge to President Donald Trump, with Axios reporting Friday that he could team up with Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) to launch a cross-party independent presidential campaign.

Quoted from Republicans Aren't Moderates Just Because They Don't Like Donald Trump on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Many black Republican Party activists and political leaders have either been ignored by Trump or kept their distance because they disagree with his divisive rhetoric. Democrats vs. Republicans: Which Came First? Since Democrats and Republicans appear to have an inexhaustible appetite for enjoying political friction, it seems worth offering some insight on which label came first, in the hopes that On the Senate floor, where no one can interrupt you and mercial breaks aren’t a thing, Sen. Susan Collins stood alone. And she stood tall. The Maine Republican’s floor speech announcing her Tags: rejuvenated, republicans, rediscover, unity, Faced with public opposition, Republicans From health care to ta to Kavanaugh, if it seems are indifferent toward the wishes of the American mainstream, it's not your imagination. What has changed is how partisans are distributed in terms of their ideology and issue opinions. Self-identified Democrats have bee more homogeneously liberal and self-identified

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