Political gaffe revives US love affair with Etch A Sketch

It’s the size of an iPad, but uses no batteries, and it’s only got one app — and thanks to a gaffe by a Mitt Romney aide, the venerable Etch A Sketch is suddenly the hottest toy around.

Quoted from Political gaffe revives US love affair with Etch A Sketch on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

The political gaffe has a long and storied history in American politics -- and between the testy midterm elections, the early jockeying for 2020 and the sitting president's penchant for saying A political gaffe is an error made by a politician. Gaffe is the French for "blunder". It is a homonym for the French gaffe, boat hook, but of course the meaning here is blunder. Politics is funny when idiots re involved. http://.liquidgenertion./fc0c7855 Tags: most, awkward, political, gaffes, Brown Gaffe Revives Immigration Issue Brown Immigrtion Issue in UK | RelClerPolitics Others re hiling her s working-clss hero brve enough to tke on clss too liberl nd privileged to see the The top five Twitter s Dvid Cmeron ccidentlly strted meme on Wednesdy when ctors nd edins pretended to join his conference cll Brck Obm.

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