Did Russian ads on Facebook make a difference?

A study concluding it’s almost impossible to persuade voters to change their views raises provocative questions about how much impact foreign influence campaigns on Facebook might actually have had in 2016.

Quoted from Did Russian ads on Facebook make a difference? on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Nearly 500 accounts that likely originated in Russia purchased $100,000 in Facebook ads during the 2016 election, the social network said Wednesday. "You look at what Russia did, buying some Facebook ads to try to sow dissent and do it, and it’s a terrible thing," Kushner said. "But I think the investigations and all of the speculation Kushner’s protryl of Russi’s interference -- they “tried to buy some to sow disctent” -- ctrsts with the sophisticted, multi-prged cmpign by the Tags: jared, kushner, mueller, report, Did Russia Affect the 2016 The efforts described in the indictment focused estblishing deep, uthenticted, lg-term identities for individuls nd groups within specific munities. Trump must now find wy to mitigte ntil nxieties in the wke of millis of dollrs of TV nd rdio tht plyed voters' fer nd nger.

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