John Kasich Hints That He May Need To Leave The GOP

WASHINGTON ― Ohio governor John Kasich, a top Republican leader and former candidate for the party’s presidential nomination, on Sunday said the GOP may be on a trajectory to lose supporters like him.

Quoted from John Kasich Hints That He May Need To Leave The GOP on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Kasich seems to hint in the above CNN interview that challenging Trump from within the Republican party may be an insurmountable hill to climb. Would he fare better running as an Independent? Reports surfaced in Ohio Gov. John Kasich has been one of the most vocal opponents to President Donald Trump within the Republican Party. And now he is making it clear that he could be willing to leave the Donald Trump has made ments about who thinks should run against him in t 2020 Presidential election — and in one case at least, get his wish. Ohio Governor has Tags: john, kasich, hints, 2020,

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