Trump demands to know: Who paid for the 'Trump dossier'?

President Trump is wondering who paid for the controversial dossier that made salacious but unverified claims about his ties to Russia a day after executives from a firm that helped produce it refused to answer questions from the House Intelligence Committee.

Quoted from Trump demands to know: Who paid for the 'Trump dossier'? on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Trump also demanded that domestic defense spending goals by doubled for NATO allies. WASHINGTON--Ahead of next week's NATO summit in Brussels, President Trump sent a letter to the prime minister of Norway that made clear he will not relent on his criticism of NATO allies' lagging President Donald jolted American allies with fresh boost military spending, leaving some NA members worried his critical approach was undermining alliance. Tags: trump, unsettles, nato, allies, Trump calls Germany 'captive' of U.S. President Donald accused Germany on Wednesday of being a "captive" of Russia due its energy reliance, bee a NA summit where he pressed allies more than double defense spending. President Donald continued defend his budding relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Monday, demanding credit his role in making "initial steps ward a deal" by

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