Senate Republicans Say Trump Ruled Out 'Dreamer' Protections In Spending Bill

WASHINGTON ― Senate Republicans said Thursday that President Donald Trump has ruled out what some consider the best hope for undocumented young people who could face deportation because of him: attaching protections for the the so-called Dreamers to an omnibus government spending bill.

Quoted from Senate Republicans Say Trump Ruled Out 'Dreamer' Protections In Spending Bill on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Senate Republicans have loaded the nuclear option cannon and say they’ve got the ability to fire it — but are still debating when, or even if, they actually pull the trigger. Senators said they'd rather get it right than do it fast. They also acknowledged that Alaska's crime problems aren't entirely SB 91's fault. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign mittee has accused of workg to pack U.S. courts with "extreme right-wg judicial nomees…[with] no signs of slowg down." a Tags: senate, republicans, packing, courts, Senate Republicans see national emergency , cludg some who voted agast the emergency, they see these two stances as one-off occasions. “I thk they’re really unique,” Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-TX Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who has privately encouraged his members to take their concerns ab problematic nomees directly to the White House, decled on Thursday to

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