Top General Says He Would Reject An 'Illegal' Nuclear Strike Order From Trump

The top nuclear commander in the U.S. said Saturday that he would reject an “illegal” nuclear attack order from President Donald Trump, and would instead steer the commander in chief to other “options.”

Quoted from Top General Says He Would Reject An 'Illegal' Nuclear Strike Order From Trump on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

MANAMA (Reuters) - The top U.S. general said on Monday that as far as he was concerned the case of a Navy SEAL convicted of battlefield misconduct in Iraq was now closed, a day after For General Carter, at least, the answer is that Britain is already in a state of pseudo-war. Michael Peck is a contributing writer for the National Interest. He can be found on Twitter and Facebook About 500 or 600 U.S. troops will remain in Syria to counter t Daesh terrorist group, t chairm of t Joint Chiefs of Staff said late Tags: troops, stay, syria, general, The U.K.’s Top General Says T U.K.’s Britain Is Already At War With Russia. Tre has been no formal declaration of war. No rockets lding on London or submarines sinking British ships. T US will not be sending y additional troops to Syria even though US troops will perform additional tasks as part of arrgement with Turkey to patrol a buffer zone along t Syri-Turkish

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