10 Obama regulations Trump has overturned

Trump’s executive-order counteroffensive carries more than mere symbolic value and represents a dramatic policy shift that will impact the nation and the world for years to come.

Quoted from 10 Obama regulations Trump has overturned on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Obama has exceeded the 426 regulations introduced under eight years of e W. Bush despite serving less time in office so far. "In more than six years in office, President Obama had imposed Here are 10 Obama environmental policies Trump wants to scrap. Gregory Korte. USA TODAY. WASHINGTON — An executive order President Trump signed Tuesday won't just repeal his predecessor's Since Donald ’s entered office, he’s been doing away with just about every last regulation. In fact, over a year ago, most liberal pundits said undone all of ’s major achievements. That’s Tags: trump, kills, obamas, most,

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