Trump attacks his own 'deep state' Justice Department

President Trump began his first full day of 2018 by attacking the Department of Justice while relaying a new report about the handling of sensitive emails by Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s top aide.

Quoted from Trump attacks his own 'deep state' Justice Department on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

John McCain's Ultra-Private Daughter Bridget Tweets Directly to Trump Over His Attacks: 'You Are a Child' Donald Trump attacks Bernie Sanders' tax returns, makes 2020 election prediction. President Donald Trump, who yet to release his tax returns, attacked Sen. Bernie Sanders on Thursday after the President Donald has called on the media "to stop the endless hostility", after suspected explosives were posted to high-profile US figures. He was speaking after parcels were sent to CNN Tags: donald, trump, attacks, media, Video: Bully Attacks, Intimidates High Another video has emerged showing a young supporter being harassed, attacked, and intimidated — t time by a bigger student at a high school. The world has bee worn d by 's bluster and used to constant stream of lunacy. But t numbness shouldn't lead to the normalization and acceptance of aggressive outrageousness.

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