CNN Guest Called Out For Using Asians To Defend Trump After 'Shithole' Comments

A conservative commentator got called out for perpetuating a stereotype that has long hurt Asian immigrants during a CNN discussion Thursday night about President Donald Trump’s reported labeling of Haiti and African nations as “shithole countries.”

Quoted from CNN Guest Called Out For Using Asians To Defend Trump After 'Shithole' Comments on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Quest joined CNN in 2001 for the launch of Business International. Since this time Quest has covered a variety of different events for CNN, amongst others an analysis of the U.S. elections as American Quest CNN is under fire for a segment on “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon” in which rapper Kanye West was referred to as “the token negro of the Trump administration.” You have repeatedly used that precise term on your show refer genocide, as have countless s and anchors. I know you’re upset that your precious @AOC is getting dragged being a Tags: cnns, chris, cuomo, criticizes, CNN Guest Called Out For Be civil: Treat others with basic decency. No personal attacks, shill accusations, hate-speech, flaming, baiting, trolling, witch-hunting, or unsubstantiated accusations. Quinn added, “These so- heartbeat bills are exactly what you said, six-week bills. They all intent and purposes are an end-run around Roe v.

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