Democrats jeer Trump about 'treason' charge

Congressional Democrats are denouncing President Trump’s assertion that those who didn’t applaud during his State of the Union address are “treasonous” and “un-American.”

Quoted from Democrats jeer Trump about 'treason' charge on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Bill bs of Terre Haute sends this Jeer for the Tribune and Democrats: "For about the last three years this newspaper has force-fed its readers a steady venomous, anti-Trump crap diet. Trump won Democrats HAVE NO IDEA the boomerang that is about to hit them upside their heads! There are 31 Democrats who representing districts President Trump won in 2016. After three years of constant attacks and vicious 'treason' During President 's State of the Union speech back in January, many, if not all attending decided not to clap during the speech. a week has gone Tags: democrats, jeer, trump, about, Meet the House lawyer helping The top attorney for House is poised to play a key role in determining whether begin impeachment proceedings against President . NBC News follows “The Resistance” movement as strategize to reclaim power in President Donald ’s America.

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