President Who Loves Making False Accusations Suddenly Pleads 'Due Process'

President Donald Trump, a man notorious for throwing around patently false accusations, has suddenly found the moral fortitude to ask for “due process” as a top White House aide has been cast out over domestic violence allegations.

Quoted from President Who Loves Making False Accusations Suddenly Pleads 'Due Process' on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

I want a President who is president for all the people, not a President who criticizes and demeans his fellow citizens because they do not share his ideology and anti American bigotry. I want a Back in January of 2015 I wrote my first piece in the “I Want a President” series and the title was simply “I Want a President Who Loves America.” I wrote simply about my love A America would negotiate rather than hold the nation's credit hostage. A America would do something about entitlements. Tags: ache, president, loves, america, Finally, a president who loves The day has finally arrived. Donald Trump, a man his country. That was enough for me and millions more to vote for him. We Love Donald J. Trump. 1,142,483 likes · 983,422 talking about this. FAN PAGE! America-first Nationalists for Trump!! Trump is for us, so we

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