Trump Budget Eliminates DOJ 'Peacemaker' Office Founded By Civil Rights Act

WASHINGTON ― The Trump administration has proposed the elimination of a historic Justice Department office known as the federal government’s “peacemakers.”

Quoted from Trump Budget Eliminates DOJ 'Peacemaker' Office Founded By Civil Rights Act on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

(Bloomberg) -- President Donald Trump’s proposed federal budget would hit New York by cutting tens of billions of dollars from healthcare, college scholarships, aid to the poor and environmental protection, Governor Andrew Cuomo said. President Trump's 2020 budget proposes major cuts for the Environmental Protection Agency, Medicaid, food stamps, cash welfare, public housing, transportation, clean energy and economic ’s morally repugnant must be defeated: Sen. Bernie Sanders. This spending plan would be one of the cruelest in American history. Tags: trumps, morally, repugnant, budget, Trump 2020 Budget Proposal Includes Policy & Funding. 2020 Proposal Includes Cuts to Education Programs. The proposal would cut the amount of money dedicated to the U.S. Department of Education 10 percent at the program level. It’s easy to imagine the administration feeling a little defensive about the Special Olympics because we’ve all seen Donald mocking someone with a physical disability.

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