As Trump visits border, Latino voters are watching and biding their time

Latino voters often don’t turn out in large numbers for midterms, but Democrats are hoping that won’t be the case this year — and Donald Trump, visiting California to inspect models for his border wall, may be helping them.

Quoted from As Trump visits border, Latino voters are watching and biding their time on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

The four-day meeting that ends Sunday es as Trump critics argue that his rhetoric and policies are a threat to the globalist postwar stability that was largely born of U.S. leadership. As Air Force One was landing, Trump tweeted insults to the Muslim mayor of London, proving that wealth doesn’t insure class….--Mexico’s new president, AMLO, shows real class and dignity in letter responding to Trump’s latest Queen Elizabeth II will host Donald on a state visit to the U.K. in early June, risking a repeat of the nationwide public protests which greeted the U.S. president during his trip lt year. Tags: trump, visit, june, risking, As Trump visits Florida, farmers President holds a rally, Florida farmers say they desperate for federal dister aid frustrated at Whington bickering. HIDALGO, Tex (AP) &mdh; President Donald traveled to the border in Tex to make the ce for his $5.7 billion wall , lowner Eloisa Cavazos says she knows firsth how the project

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