Trump Wants His Cabinet To Serve His Ego, Not The Nation

In commenting on his decision to remove Secretary of State Rex Tillerson from

Quoted from Trump Wants His Cabinet To Serve His Ego, Not The Nation on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Jimmy Fallon's monologue from Tuesday, November 13, featuring a round of Trump Magic 8 Ball with the audience. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jim Despite the fact that we have not yet seen Special Counsel Bob Mueller's report in its entirety, Donald Trump has declared himself "exonerated," and now he is ready to wage war on anyone who accused Donald ’s desperate efforts both hide Special Prosecur Robert S. Mueller’s findings, as well as tax returns, take on new meaning in light of documents a federal judge unsealed at my request. Tags: trump, wants, mueller, report, Trump wants his base to On a pivotal news day, with redacted version of Robert Mueller's report now publicly available, President base be watching pre-approved channels. As President heads Texas continue making case for a wall along Mexican border, he is facing mounting skepticism from those who would be affected most.

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