Full Shulkin: Trump Tweet Firing 'Somewhat of a Surprise'

In an interview with Meet the Press, recently fired Secretary of Veterans Affairs, David Shulkin says that President Trump firing him over Twitter came as a surprise.

Quoted from Full Shulkin: Trump Tweet Firing 'Somewhat of a Surprise' on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 2017 - PresentMorristown Medical Center, President, 2010 - 2015Beth Israel Medical Center, 2005 - 2009Temple VA Secretary David Shulkin was remorseful on Thursday, promising to pay back parts of his taxpayer-funded travel to Europe last year. Dvid Shulkin, the lone Obm dministrtion holdover in President ’s cbinet, sid tht politicl ppointees were trying to oust him Tags: intrigue, secretary, says, being, Trump’s VA Consumed by Infighting, ’s V Consumed by Infighting, Bckstbbing, nd Tlk Ledership Overhul Secretry Dvid Shulkin’s dys pper numbered. His llies fer wht Ousted Secretry Veterns ffirs Dvid Shulkin sid he did not resign, despite White House spokeswomn sying he did.

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