Estonia’s president says Trump gets it about Russia

As questions swirl around President Trump’s relationship with the Kremlin, the president of Estonia, a country on Russia’s border, dismissed concerns about American foreign policy.

Quoted from Estonia’s president says Trump gets it about Russia on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

It beats me now why it should be seen differently,” said Kersti Kaljulaid, Estonia’s president since October. Ms Kaljulaid represents a country in a security spotlight of others’ making. Estonia's president left Washington, D.C., feeling more reassured about U.S. policy toward Russia. Kersti Kaljulaid says President Trump asked tough questions in his meeting with the Baltic Estonia's his country has been more responsible than Ukraine since the fall of the Soviet Union, which is why 's now more secure. Tags: estonia, post, soviet, homework, Estonia's President Says ia Crisis Estonian Toomas Hendrik Ilves the ia conflict has altered basic assumptions held since the collapse of munism, especially whin the European Union. Estonia’s Kaljulaid spent much of her conversation wh reporters on Wednesday pushing back against the perception that has been unusually soft on n PresideEstonia’s nt Vladimir Putin and tepid in his

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