Trump calls out Putin for backing 'Animal Assad' in Syria

President Trump delivered a critique of Russian leader Vladimir Putin after reports that the Syrian government launched another chemical attack against its own people this weekend.

Quoted from Trump calls out Putin for backing 'Animal Assad' in Syria on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Trump calls out 'very aggressive' Montenegro in latest NATO jibe The U.S. ally — which is smaller than Connecticut and about as populous as Baltimore — found itself in the president's crosshairs. In an interview with Fox News's Sean Hannity, Melania Trump talked about the criticism she has received from the public — but she specifically addressed journalists and others. President called the establishment media on Sunday, sayg “their fake & dishonest reportg” is “causg problems far greater than they understand.” “The Fake News is dog everythg their power to blame Republicans, Tags: trump, calls, media, fake, Tapper calls out Trump on Followg 's call politicians to "stop treatg political opponents as beg morally defective," CNN's Jake Tapper highlights 's rhetoric towards his own political opponents.

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