Trump: U.S.-North Korea summit 'should have been done a long time ago'

President Trump pushed back against criticisms that North Korea has had to meet few preconditions before a planned summit between the president and Kim Jong Un. Trump said he may or may not be successful but that he’s taking an important step that previous presidents should have taken long ago.

Quoted from Trump: U.S.-North Korea summit 'should have been done a long time ago' on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Ivanka Trump’s planned visit to South Korea later this week could include far more than attending the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics. The In the whipsawing drama of the off-again, on-again U.S.-North Korea summit, the unpredictable main actors, President Trump and Kim Jong Un, have U.S. President Donld Trump mde stunning concession to North n leder Kim Jong Un on Tuesdy bout hlting militry exercises, pulling surprise Tags: trump, optimistic, north, korea, Donald Trump's U.S.-North Korea summit Trump nd Kim lowered their expecttions for the in Singpore. The gol is not zero nukes but pece on the n U.S. push to chnge the Irn nucler del ws sending “very dngerous messge” tht countries should never negotite with Wshington, Irn’s

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