Firing Mueller won't end Trump investigation, Mueller made sure

Rachel Maddow shows how Robert Mueller has worked with other departments and agencies in the course of the Trump Russia investigation, ensuring that even if the special counsel is fired, the elements of the investigation live on.

Quoted from Firing Mueller won't end Trump investigation, Mueller made sure on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Doubles Down on Explanation for James ey's Firing in Mueller Report: 'It Wasn't Untrue' Now that the Mueller report has been released, the spin game begins. Each side has been given sufficient material in the report to claim victory and to attack the other side. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was talking to reporters when the news broke of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ . Tags: lawmakers, respond, donald, trump, Sarah Sanders told Mueller her White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders admitted that her claim to a press briefing about 'countless members' of the FBI being behind the of James ey was not based in fact, the The Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is appointed by the President and, since 1972, confirmed by the Senate. Beginning in 1976, the director's term has been limited to ten years, which is

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