Trump calls WHCD a 'very big, boring bust'

President Trump denounced the White House Correspondents Dinner as “a very big, boring bust” and mocked comedian Michelle Wolf, who delivered a polarizing performance.

Quoted from Trump calls WHCD a 'very big, boring bust' on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

The White House Correspondents' Dinner went on as usual on Saturday night, despite the absence for the third year in a row of President Trump, who held a rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, instead. Samantha Bee, Robert De Niro roast Trump at 'Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner' Samantha Bee returned to the nation's capital Friday for her "Not the White House Correspondents 1 Find Out How Mny Clories re in ll the Girl Scouts Cookies Find out which sweets re the most fttening before you down the whole sleeve. Tags: donald, trump, people, Michelle Wolf: Trump Doesn't Have edin Michelle Wolf, who mde hedlines lst yer for mocking White House press secretry Srh Snders’ looks t the White House Correspondents’ Dinner (), declred tht President Donld won’t go to the dinner becuse - White House counselor Kellynne Conwy, who told CNN tht with in Michign nd his ides t the , "We're doubling the coverge. We're here on behlf of the president nd in celebrtion

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