Rudy Giuliani Offers A Head-Spinning New Defense Of Trump

Rudy Giuliani says there’s “nothing illegal” about trying to find compromising

Quoted from Rudy Giuliani Offers A Head-Spinning New Defense Of Trump on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Rudy Giuliani Offers a New Explanation of Why President Trump Fired Jim ey: http://time./5265200/rudy-giuliani . Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos. Rudy Giuliani appeared to slightly shift the timeline on Sunday about how long discussions went on in 2016 about a potential Trump Tower project in Moscow. In two separate interviews, he was ndy Borowitz jokes tht fered to serve s spokesmn for the Sudi crown prince, Mohmmed bin Slmn, but, bsed on ’s pst work, the prince clled Donld in pnic. Tags: saudi, crown, prince, freaks, Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty After ndy Borowitz jokes tht Michel Cohen’s ple del ws the result n fer by to serve s the lwyer for Donld ’s former personl ttorney. , ’s ttorney, sid in n interview on Fox s tht fired ey lst yer becuse ey would not stte “tht he wsn’t trget” the specil counsel’s Russi investigtion. He

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