Trump touts new conspiracy: Mueller's team will be 'meddling' in midterms

President Trump on Tuesday accused, without evidence, investigators working on special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe of a partisan plot to meddle in the 2018 midterm elections.

Quoted from Trump touts new conspiracy: Mueller's team will be 'meddling' in midterms on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

President Trump heralded labor unions and pushed his administration's protectionist trade agenda in an annual Labor Day proclamation released ahead of the holiday weekend. President Donald Trump touted construction of the border wall on Tuesday, even though the draft budget for the Department of Homeland Security adds only enough funds to contract for just 55 miles of new wall President on Tuesday appeared to express openness to a border security deal reached by a bipartisan group of lawmakers, suggestg that its funds could bed with others to build his Tags: trump, touts, deal, providing, Trump touts criminal justice reform President Donald is pledgg to expand opportunity for Americans of every race, religion and creed as he memorates Black History Month. hted a tweet on Tuesday that the White House managed to allocate enough money for the much-anticipated fencg on the US border with Mexico "from other sources".

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