Trump touts new conspiracy: Mueller's team will be 'meddling' in midterms

President Trump on Tuesday accused, without evidence, investigators working on special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe of a partisan plot to meddle in the 2018 midterm elections.

Quoted from Trump touts new conspiracy: Mueller's team will be 'meddling' in midterms on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Washington (AFP) - President Donald Trump touted an unlikely new ally Monday in his battle with Democrats over illegal immigration -- the pop star and usually fierce critic Cher. As part of his argument for a border wall, Trump wants Americans to "look at San Antonio." OK, let's do that. President celebrated a two year high approval ratg Tuesday by thankg his supporters and notg that he was right all along concerng the border crisis. Tags: thank, working, hard, trump, Trump touts rising U.S. border President Donald on Friday promised approximately 450 miles (725 km) of "wall" along the southern U.S. border, after threateng to slap Mexico with an unspecified economic penalty to Progress at 'Overwhelmed' Southern Border. ICE agents portrayed themselves as representative of an agency that’s overwhelmed, understaffed, and underfunded.

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