Senate FBI hearing takes twists and turns, including a 'wangdoodle' reference

It was not, perhaps, the most somber moment in the history of the U.S. Senate. In the midst of reciting a list of complaints about FBI agents allegedly swayed by their own anti-Trump animus, Sen. John Kennedy R-La., had to engage in a subtle act of censorship.

Quoted from Senate FBI hearing takes twists and turns, including a 'wangdoodle' reference on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

McCabe explains FBI involvement with 702. Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Missouri, asked McCabe what happens when the FBI wants to follow up on or pursue a U.S. person in or outside the U.S. McCabe explained Former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Opening Statement; S. Hrg. 115-99.pdf 96 OPEN ON WORLDWIDE THRETS ----- THURSDY, MY 11, 2017 U.S. , Select mittee on Intelligence, Wshington, DC. The mittee met, pursunt to notice, t 10:08 .m. in Room SH-216, Hrt Office Building, Tags: hearings, intelligence, committee, Senate Judiciary mittee Hearing on Our lst oversight ws in September 2008 unfortuntely, we were put in the sme sitution then s we re now. We hd to prepre for this without the benefit of nswers judiciry mittee on the nomintion of brett m. kvnugh to be n ssocite justice of the supreme court, dy 5, focusing on llegtions of ul ssult

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